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Siren SUP and Surf Adventures

Kristy Murphy's Siren Surf Adventures is the culmination of years of my personal experience as a surf instructor working for the world's most esteemed women's surfing retreats. The early part of my career as a pro surfer gave me the opportunity to travel the world, make new friends, discover some unbelievable surf spots, and get in tune with their local cultures. But it was winning the Womens World Longboard Championship in 2005 that really started opening new doors of opportunity, and suddenly everyone wanted a chance to surf the globe with the World Champ as a guide. While working with the terrific people at surf retreats like Las Olas and Sol Sessions, it occurred to me that others might be interested in sharing my experiences at some of the more "off-the-beaten-path" surf spots that just happen to lie mere minutes from the glamorous tourist destinations. Despite their proximity to 5 star luxury, these spots still remain hidden from the tourist hoards, and offer an idyllic and (usually) uncrowded venue for learning to surf. We think you'll find that even our retreats to Mexico and Hawaii, while hardly "undiscovered" locales, will leave you with a refreshed impression of just how exciting these surf destinations can be.

Surf Adventures Shouldn't be Enjoyed Alone

Together with seasoned surfer, instructor and surf videographer Cat Slatinsky, I have created a rich learning platform that draws upon our vast ocean experience and years of organizing and hosting surf retreats around the globe. Our crew of surfing instructors consists of some of the best surfers in the world; water-safety certified professionals with years of experience in teaching the art and science of surfing. Yes, my instructors actually rip, and teach surfing because they love surfing! We definitely buck the trend in corporate style surf retreats that overlook what the essence of surfing is truly about. Rest assured that with Kristy Murphy's Siren Surf Adventures you will be learning from the best women surfers and surf instructors around. Our program is geared towards beginners that have never surfed before and are ready to catch their first wave. However, our instructors are adept at tailoring their teaching techniques to compliment all levels of surfing ability. This guarantees that you get the most out of every lesson as you progress through the week. Kristy Murphy's Siren Surf Adventures prides itself on providing more one-on-one instruction than any other camp, in order for you to learn as much as possible from our dedicated and fun staff. And, of course, if you already have some surfing ability, we can expand on those abilities by exploring new and more challenging waves while addressing the subtleties of technique that can take you from being a good surfer, to being a great waterwoman.

Join Our Surf Adventures

Come ride with us, and your life will dramatically change, as you become the surfer that you always dreamt you could be. You will receive 2-3 hours of surfing instruction per day and we will include all surf equipment, which includes the highest quality surfboard selection anywhere. More than just pushing you into waves, we provide a practical education about the subtle nuances of paddling, catching waves, making it out through the waves, etiquette in the line-up, ocean safety, and the many equipment choices that exist today. As you progress through the week, you will graduate from beginner-friendly softboards to molded epoxy hardboards and finally to a hand-shaped Siren custom surfboard. For our Stand Up Paddle retreats, we provide Siren SUPs, the ONLY stand-up paddleboards designed by and made for women; and we use the best paddles in the business, KIALOA.

Because surfing and stand up paddling employ so many aspects of physical ability, most of the retreats are designed with a holistic approach to improving your abilities in the surf: Yoga sessions enhance flexibility, balance and core strength; while massage therapy helps to dissolve any tension that may have developed after a fun-filled day in the waves.

Isn't It Time You Learned More About Our Surf Adventures?

Thanks for taking the time to check out Kristy Murphy's Siren Surf Adventures. We know that you will probably have plenty of questions when deciding on a surf retreat, so please don't hesitate to give me a call at 561-389-8068 or email info@sirensurfsupyoga.com.

See you in the water!